PAX and AR/StormRifle/Suppressor Use

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There are three reasons you aren’t seeing a lot of gameplay from any of these weapons.

1 - Most of the games played are on Exile, a BTB map

2 - Nobody wants to use the Firepower perk because there are other perks out there

3 - Most of the footage is shot by good players, and good players tend to prefer using consistent weapons with a large skillgap (BR, DMR, Carbine, LR)

Stop assuming its a balance issue. 343 already made the BR a 5 shot and reduced the amount of kills possible per mag. The fact of the matter is that using an Automatic weapon on a map with large sight lines isn’t practical.

I think the suppressor is gonna be a very nice automatic weapon to the bunch in my opinion and definitely gonna have some fun playing with it, but I’ll be honest, I’ll prolly use mostly Light Rifle(think it is time to religiously start calling the light rifle the LR…lol) and BR _


Sorry, I didn’t know using Firepower, and having DMR as my Primary for mid-long range fights, and Storm Rifle as my Secondary for close range fights, thus making it where I can fight at any range greatly, makes me suck… -_-


He said tend… therefore not all good players do what he said. Also that is one mod that allows you to do that, many people wouldn’t use it. Tell me which one you would prefer DMR or storm rifle on a medium sized map.