Pathetic matchmaking experience

How is this even possible? I get a challenge for getting a SINGLE defence of a zone in total control. Attempt to play matchmaking for an hour to get it. The majority of attempts failed to join a match. EVERY successful join was something other than total control, so I quit. What incentive is there not to quit? The matchmaking is so bad that you should absolutely quit if you can’t complete your challenges because you’ll be spending so much time searching for matches. The one time I did get total control the match immediately ended. Amazing.

The combination of specific challenges (not inherently bad), combined with NO match composer and the worst matchmaking since MCC in 2015 means that challenges specific to one mode in BTB are essentially impossible in any practical way unless you are lucky. I can’t believe we’re forced to use challenge swaps just because 343 can’t be bothered to fix this for what? a month now? Has it been broken half of the games release yet?

And it’s not that I just want to grind challenges for some awful emblem that’s been the reward the third time already even though the game has barely been out, I actually enjoy and want to play BTB. It’s just a shame it’s essentially not been in the game. So what do I do now when I get a mode specific BTB challenge? Just waste all my swaps?