Patch the Defiant maps to allow forgers the freedom they need???

So I had this great idea come to me… what if invasion was built on Condemned??? The flavor is already there, massive ship battle taking place in space, covenant blood splatter all over the actual station for the play space, I figured why not make this into something that feels almost campaign like with an actual setting and flavor unlike what most forged invasion maps can offer.

I get to work deleting all the items, finish that, then figure out how I want the flow to go. I get the plan ready, then start looking for the correct pieces to use that would be perfect. Well first I notice that the forge palette is sad and pathetic… but I figured ok I can use the Uplink variant and just use some of these basic objects to define the area. I finish that, then go to set the first objective…

I found out that the game type label is restricted to only no label. It can not be changed… at all. Which means no invasion can possibly be built in the new maps without some type of patch or update to these maps.

I checked Highlands as well to see if the same problem was there, and sure enough it was. That much anticipated Invasion concept on Highlands that everyone wants to see? Not going to happen without a fix to the maps. I posted a similar topic on the, but someone said that Bungie had no control over updates or fixes to these maps so I felt it appropriate to post it here as well and hope that someone who can do something about it can take notice of this issue and fix it soon.

The maps are pretty good I do admit, but forge was sort of left out of the loop on this one sadly.

Condemend is a bit to small for invasion tbh.

well naturally it would be more of an infantry invasion battle, sort of like the beginning of halo 2. I had a few ways of how to do it, make it to steal the data from that hologram for ship design/detail, whatever else, or have them capture points up to the central area, then arm a bomb and explode the station. But either way, it is impossible to do because of the limited options available here. That is sort of what I am most concerned about here with the new maps, I mean ok sure if Condemned is too small, then Highlands can be used for a different thing, but you still can’t do it because of the massive limitations that has been put on here.

Sounds like Invasion Skirmish mixed with Assault. Sounds fun.

Yeah that was sort of the initial idea. I mean if you look around the place, the scenery is amazing for this type of thing, compared to the basic dull gray that most community maps would have. Invasion Skirmish is generally done on smaller maps, so why not have a vehicle-less invasion experience? I figured it would have decent amount of appeal from the objective lovers, but the slayer types would enjoy it as well since the action would be continuous and almost non-stop. I got the idea while playing some objective games on Condemned, and just thought how fast paced and intense the game was. And Invasion is my favorite game type, so I wanted to mix the two together and see how it went. But to do that, a forger sort of needs the proper materials to do so. You can’t even make the invasion game type right now because the object types can’t be changed. That is my main concern. Right now, forge on the new maps is basically just move some items around or change some spawns, and that is about it. We can’t really add anything to the map or change a certain flow or feel to it. Just look at Condemned and Uplink, some simple walls and teleporters changed the entire flow of the map, why can’t the community be allowed to have their own chance at doing something spectacular like this?