Patch Notes Here (Monitor's Bounty)

Tis’ a long (dare I say bountiful) list. Scroll down the page to view:

Monitor’s Bounty

For once in a long time, a h5 update has actually gotten me extremely hyped, seriously! This is definitely the ui I wanted for multiplayer! ITS SO BEAUTIFULL THAT WE CAN PLAY THESE WEEKLY MODES NOW PERMANENT! AND SNIPERS IS RANKED!!! I cant wait till I play this its made me want to play the game even more! For once I gotta say this but Awesome job 343!

Ghost Melee? Check.
Bookmarks? Check.
Server-side improvements to matchmaking? Check.
WZFF adjustments? Check.
Invisible vehicles? Check. - Say what?

Good stuff!

That’s a lot of reading. I’ve been really wanting them to add all of the weapons to Custom Games and now they are. Plus, all Loadout weapons are being added to Forge. Invisible Vehicles are probably used for stuff like weapons on ships, or mortars. Can’t wait to get home to try these goodies out.

This got me really exited. Happy to see that a lot of things got nerfed and fixed! They listened!

> - Tankmaster Rok returns in all his glory, but with a twist! - Minor boss adjustmentsBATTLE OF NOCTUS
> - Grunt Goblin and Knight Sublimas no longer spawn in Monument - Mantis Bosses (Lord Tyrek) have been nerfed - Banshee Raiders are not as OP - Removed Hydra Soldier from Knight Boss behind each garage - Minor boss adjustmentsESCAPE FROM A.R.C
> - Legendary Grunt Goblin replaced with Legendary-difficulty Warden - Mythic Warden Eternal replaced with Mythic Grunt Goblin - Fixed AI spawn that would throw two Jackals off of the cliff - Additional minor boss adjustments