<mark>Do not call out individuals.</mark>

Sorry for the general scrub topic title,
but this stuff is getting ridiculous. The camping/glitching needs to be stopped. ESPECIALLY on Coliseum.
Ever since the team disqualification on this map, people have started doing it. It wasn’t fixed in the January update, and probably won’t in the February. Here’s what I’m talking about:
<mark>Link Removed by Monitor</mark>
For those of you who say “whatever” it is still boosting, if they cap the flag then get out of the map. It is boosting flag victory, which is what <mark>Names Redacted by Monitor</mark> did.
Sorry for the dumb rant, it’s just annoying.

That is pretty bad.

I’d say I’d be mad, but I’m pretty impressed, especially due to the fact he did that while holding the flag… cough* none the less, yes it should be patched. I’ve never personally witnessed this in one of my games, but defiantly calls for a patch.

needs patch but what a move.