Passenger Warthogs in Halo Infinite

A little thing I just noticed is if you look at the scene after Master’s Chief’s reveal, where the warthog is driving across the landscape, you can clearly see that there are marines in the back of the scout warthog. Could this mean that either the troop transport warthogs from Halo 3 will be returning or that scout warthogs will now be able to have passengers sitting in the back in the same way that troop transport warthogs could?

I would love to see the return of troop hogs to halo, now it would only be better if I could create a convoy and roll up on some baddies with a couple troop hogs worth of marines.

Nice eye; I hadn’t noticed that until now. It was probably just something done for the trailer, but I would definitely like to see Troop Hogs return.

I really want scout hogs to be able to hold 4, god it’d be so fun. I really wanna splaser a full scout hog lol

I do hope that scouthogs will be in the campaign levels where there are many friendly marines/troopers so i can again try to keep as many friendlies alive as possible without too much walking.

Also, I hope that friendlies in this game can drive. I couldnt even start counting how many times I have restarted on Halo 3, Tsavo highway level just because some marine got his drivers licence from a cereal box and had his head hit too many times by berserk brute from Halo 2 and somehow survived that.

Scout Hogs were always just worse Troop Hogs. Scout Hogs should just be completely replaced with Troop Hogs, imo.

Have the Mongoose by the standard 2-person scout vehicle.