Passed the test . What to do next?

I passed the test and received a letter . Here’s it is :
Welcome to the Halo Insider program! We are blown away by the incredible outpouring of interest and support from across the community and we’re excited to have you on board. Thank you for partnering with us to help shape the future of the Halo franchise!
Halo Insider flights are conducted to help gather feedback on work-in-progress versions of our titles from players like you. These flights are conducted regularly and take place on both PC and Xbox One. For your first assignment, please take a moment to read the information in this email for additional background and expectations for the program.

“Flights” are in-development slices or builds of the game designed to test certain features and accomplish specific goals on the road to official retail release. While the team always strives to get the best possible experience out the door, the very nature of flighting means these builds will contain bugs (some known, some not) and incomplete feature-sets.

In general, flights will start small and expand over time. This helps the team ensure the build holds up and offers a worthwhile hands-on experience for those participating. However, this means not all Halo Insiders will be selected to participate in every flight. We know everyone is extremely eager and excited to jump in and get hands-on – please be patient and know that we are grateful for your support and will do our best to get as many Insiders into flights as we can over time.
Insiders will be selected based on a number of factors to align with the specific goals and needs of the flight. These may include factors like content familiarity and preferences, availability, and PC hardware specs. If selected, you will receive an email including all necessary instructions on how to obtain the game build and when/where/how to participate online during designated play sessions. Any time a flight is about to launch, we will post all of the information in the Halo Insider forum on In general, this is a great resource to bookmark to stay up to date on the latest Insider happenings, ask questions, converse with other Insiders, and more.

Those who actively participate across flights will often receive priority access to subsequent flights – while those who don’t actively participate may find that they’re removed from future flights. Remember the Halo Insider program is more than just flighting – Insiders who’ve opted in will have opportunities to share valuable feedback and insights via periodic surveys on a variety of Halo related topics.

For now, if your Halo Insider profile is up to date, just hang tight. We will reach out when you have been selected to participate in a flight. Remember you can always come back to update your profile or opt-out at any time (this is particularly important if your PC specs change, your email address changes, etc…). Please ensure your profile is complete – for example, if you don’t have a DXDIAG uploaded, you won’t be eligible for PC flighting. If your email isn’t valid and verified, we won’t be able to send you flight invitation emails.
We sincerely thank you for your interest and involvement in the Halo Insider program. We’re excited to have you on this journey during future flights!’’.
This means when I will be given the opportunity to participate in the beta testing of Halo Infinity network mode?

Wait for flight invites. Also, there are currently no scheduled flights.

Wait for invites. And we don’t know if there will be more Halo Infinite flights. Last weekends flighting for Halo Infinite could very well have been the last flight. I’m hoping that there will be one more flight test

There are no more planned flights before launch, but potentially will be for post-launch content (like Forge)