Pass through wall glitch - Labyrinth Map

Hello All,

For those with forging experience, you may remember a glitch that allowed a player to pass through a solid wall by strategically placing a turret directly behind the other side of the wall…
This glitch still works while playing in forge mode but upon swapping to custom game mode the glitch no longer works.
Does anyone know of a fix or an alternative for this glitch?

For those interested… Im in the process of putting together a complex puzzle level involving many tricks, scripts & glitches… (Similar to the Labyrinth maps on Reach for those who are familiar with them)
But this little problem has set me back somewhat
I’ve tried adjusting the turret multiple times & I’ve tried using various turret types but it doesnt seem to want to play ball when swapping over to custom mode.
As always your input is appreciated.
Thank you

(It has just dawned on me that im yet to try the mongoose glitch, anyone know of this works instead?)
Muchas gracias

You could set a teleporter up so that they get ported when they get on then off they’ll go to where they need.