PartyUpGaming is Recruiting!

Hey All,

We are a group of 4 active spartan companies in Halo 5 (PartyUpGaming, PartyUpGaming Sweaties, PartyUpGaming Tryhards and PartyUpGaming 100 Club) and communicate using Discord and Xbox Live Party Chat (both are free but mandatory on joining). We are approaching 400 active members and are seeking Arena players specifically to fill our ranks! If you are a predominantly Arena focused player then the current requirements to join are as follows:

  • Must Have 1.10 Kill/Death Ratio or Higher - Must be Spartan Rank 100+ - Must be Onyx or Champion RankedIf you are a veteran war zone player looking for experienced fire teams and want to have a fun time then you are also welcome to apply as well! Requirements are below:

  • Must Have 1.45 Kill/Death Ratio or Higher - Must be Spartan Rank 130.If you meet the requirements and wish to apply then send an application through to PartyUpGaming 100 Club, and if you have any questions, post them below or message me personally here on Halo Waypoint or on Xbox live and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Thanks for your consideration,

  • JuggerGOOSE

my current spartan company is a bit inactive and i wanted to know if you guys would accept me into one of your spartan companies, I would like to be on the warzone side, but the problem is that i am currently sr 103… could there be a way to join or possibly not? please respond so that I can be aware of the situation.