Party Up

Hey, I’ve lost 18 games in a row on WZFF. I only need 1 more win for the 5 win achievement. So if anybody is willing to help, right now, shoot me a message on XBL. I need seven people.


Someone?? ANYONE???

add me. Chuckman Joney

Okay, but we’ll need more. Anyone on right now and sick of losing?

add me

Add me i need 2 games

Add me, I won’t be around over the next few days due to social events, but I’m always up for partying up in the future.
That goes for anyone else as well.

Well crap, I already got the win. Thanks to Chuckman Joney. Well, I’ll add you both anyway. Maybe for WZA or customs or something.

Halo lfg
Op you can find other spartans on here to help
Way easier than forums

Thank you. I might even consider playing WZFF with a consistent team… 343i, pls just give us Reach’s firefight.

10 game loss streak…its either incompetent teammates who don’t have the sense to call out good vehicles or its the dreaded mythic boss spawn at the back of home base…frankly i wish i can meet the guy who designed the boss spawns (ill have a thing or 2 to say to him/her)

Moved your topic to recruiting OP, in future please don’t bump your topics like that