Party up option?

First, and I hate this needs to be a thing, this isn’t a negative “omg this game/company is this worst post”; just some legitimate constructive ideas.

Is there any chance we can get an option to party bio with randoms? And then search for another game when one ends? It’s great when you vibe with a team or get talking and can keep the fun rolling. This is also a thing I’d love to see return in MCC as well. I miss being able to just roll with the same lobby for a while as people leave and join. The option to party up is even in overwatch, a game I’d say is much more team reliant.

I know there’s an underlying system to match people with the right skill level; but is there any way to make it so it’s only refreshed when the player chooses to leave the lobby? I know there could be some risk of smurfing; but they’d have to get off the game eventually and I feel the risk is worth it. Doubly so in MCC which is a paid game and at less risk of such a thing.

Just something that I think would be a great return, albeit small, and go a long way in terms of return on investment.


Pre-game lobbies were removed to fight ‘toxicity’ I do believe.
However, the double edged sword of this is that you don’t get to ‘meet’ people and it removes any sense of ‘community’ you have in the game. Just you and your friends, or if you’re solo, you and new strangers every 15 minutes.
Pre-game lobbies, 1:45 inbetween matches, put a map vote in there-
CoD black ops 1. That was my favorite FPS and it’s lobbies worked.
Don’t fix what isn’t broke just because some people get offended at words, there’s a mute button for a reason. Leave it to the individual to make decisions, don’t have the company remove GOOD parts of the game because of some bad interactions.


I’m more inclined that it was removed (and world-speak) to prevent people working together to do challenges, since that would ruin their RNG challenge system)


Hadn’t even thought of that. We need a 343 made poll on those challenges: “Should we keep challenges? Y/N”
Seems to me they create more issues for players than they do an enjoyable time! I think the only ‘challenge’ should be to win against the people you would get to trash talk (you know, competitively!) XD

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Toxicity? That’s an…odd reason. We have mute options, report players, as well as leaving and searching a new lobby.


Didn’t stop EA and DICE with BF an it didn’t stop Riot with League taking the same approach! I’m sure there’s other games but maybe in regards to halo, it’s not the crux of the decision to not have cross chat.
EDIT: Or blizzard with WoW and overwatch.

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But stopping my gameplay and muting someone mid match rather than in a pre-game lobby makes so much more sense.

Thank you 343, all the more reason to stand still in game. :hugs:


Lol, I hate that it has come to this. I’d rather taken extra steps to deal with trolls rather than have options stripped away. Id say we’re all adults but the games haven’t been rated m in a while huh :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t know if this is affecting a lot of people but there is a chat bug in Infinite that has been a problem for a few months now with no sign of being fixed or worked on as far as I can tell, similar to the other various menu bugs 343 still haven’t addressed.

Sometimes whenever I’m partied up with friends or strangers from the previous match, we’ll go into the next match just fine but for some reason… I can hear my team but they can’t hear me and this also happens in the reverse as well. We all have checked NAT settings and other networking multiple times in multiple different sessions and can’t find the issue, but other online games work just fine… only happens to us in Infinite.

So now, whenever I bother to play Infinite, we stay primarily in Xbox Party Chat whenever possible since Halo Infinite is held together by duct tape and faith.


The 12 year old infestation was around in MCC.

Pretty much Because in the early months me and my friends would work together to complete challenges. If they need assist I would take point go for kills and they would take pop shots to get the assist. They need specific weapons we would scout the map make sure to drop that weapon for that friend.

We would just carve through the challenges quickly.

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The thing is, they wouldn’t have to worry about that if they didn’t make the challenges the main way of progression.

scratch that, the ONLY way of progression

But of course, that is the point, to make progression so frustrating so you will feel like you have to spend money to get any customization at all.

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Oh yea seriously a second progression system isn’t hard, copy paste reach, when max rank is reach allow reset with reward and redo, each reset adds 10% increase challenge to level up. After 10 resets unlocks timate rewards.

They purposely only put one progression system so they can funnel players to the shop for challenge swaps.

Because of we had an secondary way players wouldn’t care for the challenges.

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I really appreciate the sentiment behind this post, including your first statement

It is great to provide constructive ideas, as we all have our own individual perspectives to share; that others may not see from their angle

On that note I would like to say that I HIGHLY agree with a ‘Party up option’ & that is something that should be reintroduced back into Halo

Reading all of the other comments on this thread, I understand your points and perspectives. For me personally I feel that there is a lack of ‘community’ on Halo, and it is not the same place it used to be

If the Party up option was removed for: prevent incidents, prevent people ‘attaining challenges’

Then as someone else stated, these are silly reasons as you hindering that opportunity of connecting with other players. It’s the internet. You are bound to not have good experiences, and that’s where we have learnt from them and how to prevent/avoid them

By adding in a Party up option, I feel that it would really bring the community together. Especially with Halo 5, there were a lot of people playing solo - including now - that really lacked that ‘online Halo experience’

Thank you for bringing this idea forward, it is something myself and many other members of the community resonate with. When finishing a game and saying a ‘good game’ in the post lobby to your or the opposing team, there was always the question of “party up?” or those would party up and see if others would respond

I met many people and made many friends online because of this feature and would be great to see it come back :slight_smile:


That could actually be the only progression system, just make it grindy and f2p would get the same amount of content as they are now, without a hard cap on progression and what you can get.