Party up for team DLC Achievements

Hey guys I’m looking for some people (at least 4 others) who would join me and help me get the “that won’t save you now” achievement. I’m willing to help any others so long as they’re willing to help me and the others in the group. We’ll go into the team DLC and the others in the group will help you get some difficult DLC achievements that you wouldn’t regularly be able to do on your own.
Just send a friend request to “Uber Thrpuno” on xbl

NOTE: YOU MUST HAVE ALL DLC because the playlist we will be using requires all DLC. Preferred if you have a microphone for more organization and be prepared to play on Friday June 27th at 7:00pm EST
If we don’t have enough people by then I’ll update this post and I’ll reschedule it.

See you there!