Party pooper progress reset, again (4th time now)

After playing for a bit last night, my achievement counter in game (and in the achievement app) said 208/250. I get on this morning and my progress has gone back to 49/250. This is the 4th time my counters have messed up, with it all starting after the release of ODST. My medal chest says 330 killjoys.

Is there anything I can do? This is a bit of a piss take, as killjoys are a pain to get in normal play, especially if I now have to get over 500 to get this to pop. This is my last achievement to get in MCC, and honestly, after all the hassle the MP cheevos have given me in this, I’m seriously considering skipping the purchase of H5. Something I thought would never happen.

I’ve run out ideas, any help would be appreciated.

Same here, multiplayer achievements reset 5 times since they came out. Been trying to get this problem answered for 8 months, or hell I would settle for an apology and told that we will never get this progress back…but sadly no one has answered. I would agree with skipping H5, I’ve already canceled my preorder, they obviously dont care about community, and as such dont deserve anymore of our money.

It can’t be hard to count the amount of medals and then set that towards your progress. Last time I checked, counting isn’t rocket science.

You’re not alone. A lot of people got reset the past 48 hours.

same thing for me, party pooper and grenade kills reset…thats what i get for doing achievements legut instead of boosting them i guess

Sick of this game resetting all of my stats. This is very annoying

Had my grenade kills, double kills and killjoy achievements reset again :frowning:

I was at 99% 248/250 and when I got on this morning I was at 1%. After that, there’s no way I’m buying Halo 5. 343 sucks

Progress for my killjoys and legendary medals have been reset - so annoyed! I try and do them legit and they just get reset, what a joke!

I have 1,134 grenade kill medals according to my stats and individual medals. My progress after yesterday; 4/500. How many more time is this going to reset?

Same thing happened to me. Multiple resets of grenade kills, killjoys, beat downs, and headshots. Luckily, i knocked some off between resets, but this weekend my grenade kills went back to 0 or 1. Beat downs seemed to have remained intact, this time. It sure is frustrating having to start over on this stuff. If i pick up halo 5, i probably won’t come back to mcc, so it’s gonna nag at me that these few tasks aren’t complete.

For me, it’s the second time my killjoys got reset. First after 40. The second this weekend at 180 (220 ingame). I played everything legit (even 4 LASOs, including ODST) and I wanted to finish the MP achievements before H5, but now I consider just boosting the -Yoink- of it. MCC -Yoinked!- me to many times now.

i feel your pain i only need two achievements to get online party pooper and domination both of which i was close (party pooper I’m not far from doubling that achievement) and both have been reset. After all that work and I’m so close to finishing i don’t want to do anymore till my progress comes back but i want to finish it before H5 is out which isn’t looking likely. Its a joke i’ve tweeted the guy like 5 times he’s replied 2/3 times and has said his team has contacted xbox about it because the game it self is fine but clearly xbox have like cleared their cache every so often which is what resets the progress. Because from the game itself the medals lock straight away, we can see what we have down but what is the problem is that it isn’t syncing with xbox live etc thats where the problems have occurred. Good news is we should be able to get it back but how long that will take is anyones guess, could be another update or sync but keep taking images/ photos of your progress like me and physically shove the photos in their face then they have to deal with it. When my party poopers reset, i looked on here and saw others saying it happens to domination as well so i took pictures on my progress of that straight away whilst it was still good. Then surprise surprise next day it reset, my legendary progress had been fine up to this point. My killjoys i found must have been reset at least twice once before i even knew about it and now again, which isn’t good i agree. I feel myself wanting to shove a huge demand on their desk saying fix this or kiss your halo 5 money from me goodbye.

Just noticed that mine weren’t reset completely, just knocked back LOADS for no reason? This sucks. There is no way I can get these three now before Halo 5!

I need people for domination since it went from 80 to 49 I guess i got lucky but still a pain if anyone wants to grind this add me

GearsCarnage M1

I think its important that we keep raising this issue so 343 can actually acknowledge this, its extremely frustrating that our stats are just being reset like this!

+1. Some of the achievements require a lot of time (250 killjoys?, for example) and get your progress erased one time and another keeps damaging the joy of play Halo.

I hope that the game could check the progress at least every time you get another medal of that type and still don’t get the achievement. Please, 343.