Party of 10 in BTB betraying/grieving

Once again, I met a party of 10 in BTB who chose CTF on Trident (no surprise). Two of the players on my team goaded our players into quitting or betraying them and got them booted. With two of us left, they drove around on mongooses (mongeese?) and beeped away our positions to get us killed.

Is this in any way bannable? Of course, if it is then I still can’t post their names or a video so they won’t get banned.

The reason people stop playing Reach is because this type of behaviour (AFKing, grieving, party boosting) goes unchecked and Bungie/343 allow no way of the community to inform them about it. In the good old days of Halo CE on PC, this behaviour was never tolerated.

No it’s not bannable, it’s Bungie/343’s fault for allowing over team sized parties.

Unfortunately, it’s not bannable. The most you can do is avoid those players through the prefer/avoid system.

By any chance were they a clan? I ran into a group like that they other day. Made sure to let them know how pathetic it was that they couldn’t win on their own skill, and if they’re too stupid to learn how to play they should just play something else.

That’s a shame. When we end up with an over-sized party, we take perverse pleasure in attacking our friends! If I was on the two side with a bunch of randoms, I’d be going ape trying to win.

Quit the game. Problem solved.