Party Members Dropped while Match is Loading

This started happening recently, within the last 2 weeks, and it is making it totally impossible to play Big Team Battle.

On Sunday night we had 7 people all online to play Big Team Battle. Every time we would start up a match, the loading screen would appear and some of our group members emblems were not present on the screen, meaning that they would soon see the “Unable to Join Match” red error screen. This has always happened on occasion (Once every 10 games or so), usually because someones game froze after the previous match. This time it happened for every single match we tried though. We tried for over an hour to get into a big team battle match with our full party all present in the loading screen, and were unable to do so. Over an hour of grouping up, starting a search, seeing someone didn’t make it in, and killing the Halo app to try again.

Last night we tried Big Team Battle with 6 people and the exact same thing happened. Every time we found a match and all the players emblems appear on the left side of the screen, some of our members weren’t present and there were empty spots in the rosters. We eventually gave up and one person left, so we went back to Super Fiesta. It happened a few times there too, but we eventually got a match with all of us and it was good for a while. After that, we switched to Husky Raid and had to try 4 matches to get one that had all of us present.

This is a recent development. None of the affected players have had any changes to their network settings since the last times we have all played together. It is very frustrating. Anyone else having this issue? Like I said, it has always happened, but now it is so bad the game is unplayable.

This is an issue I’ve had for a long time. There is a “fix” I know of, but it’s not ideal:
The first game you play will always kick at least 1 person. This means you need to play 1 full game (with that person missing) and then they will be able to play the next match. Like I said, it’s not the ideal solution, but after that first match you’ll all be able to play together. If you keep backing out and restarting the search it won’t ever count that first match.