Party Issues Recently

The last two weeks, myself and everyone that I play with has had issues connecting to games. After encountering this issue every single play session, we’ve nailed down the symptoms and the workaround.

If you start up Halo 5 and try to play a multiplayer game, doesn’t matter what type, with more than just yourself, there’s a very high chance you or one of your fireteam members won’t be able to load the match. If it’s matchmsking, you’ll notice their emblem is missing from the player row and instead has the loading icon.

The only way around this that we have found is playing a game by yourself. It could be a matchmaking game or it could be a custom game that you load up and just end immediately.

After that you can load games with a party as normal.

Another bug we’ve seen during this same time period is when you run a free-for-all custom game and follow it up with a team game. Most times the party leader will see the teams but the party members will still see it as a non-team game. Therefore they have no options to change teams too.

The way around this bug we found is to create a new lobby and just start playing team games without playing FFAs first.

What has changed on the backend recently that has caused these issues? My friends and I have been playing since launch and haven’t encountered these consistent issues ever before.

I’ve tweeted at several of 343 team members a couple times about this already and have gotten no response.

I’m running a LAN in early January and am not looking forward to having to deal with these issues.

This happened to me a few days ago. What we did was have everyone close out Halo 5 then restart it. We all played together again and it happened once more. So we all closed out Halo 5, hard reset our consoles (power off, disconnect from the internet, and unplug), and tried again. It worked out just fine and we had fun. Hope this helps.

I tried exactly what you said and no dice: still the same symptoms.