Party Hard Gamers - Cool, Fun... Awesome!

Party Hard Gamers started with the sole purpose of having fun and playing shooters. We bring together like-minded gamers on Halo Reach and Modern Warfare 3. We are not a very competitive clan, however we will enter the occasional tournament and have fun. We have a website with a forums, where we all have a place to talk about games, share our backgrounds, our experience, and interests, as well as teamwork and tactics.

We promote an environment that allows a “friends-first” experience in our community. With our tight army rank structure there is plenty of opportunity to move up the chain and even become a clan officer, with the ability to recruit and promote others in the clan.

Currently, on Halo Reach we love to play Big Team Battle, Invasion, Team Slayer, Team Objective, Custom Matches and Firefight. We work as a team to help others get any achievements they may need and group up daily for challenges. Playing along, can get quite biring, and hard to accomplish certain things. Give Party Hard Gamers a shot and join today.

You can contact me directly on xBoxLive or you can register at our site:
Party Hard Gamers is that fun clan you have always wanted to join, so jump on this opportunity and dont let it pass you by.