Party games and diversing the game


The game is really great! but i think a broad party games playlist will keep alot of playes playing!

I remember playing speed halo with my friends on reach, it was the best stuff ever. having such things in a matchmaking playlist would be awesome!

The game where u would have 2 platforms and vehicles spawning on each one where you would try knocking the other player on the other platform off with your gravity hammer and a vehicle as a canonball was so damn memorable!

i think that kind of stuff would create diversity between playing competitive and having a break of fun!

These things can get really creative, one in the chamber, have players get a magnum and 1 hp, everytime you kill someone you get a bullet. if you miss you try to run for the melee without getting shot!

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Action Sack should return but feature & constantly add community creations such as Duck Hunt & Indiana Jones


Action Sack and a Custom Games browser would be amazing. We probably won’t get anything really good though until Forge comes out sadly.

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They seem to think things we got at launch with reach and 3 are “free dlc” nowadays