Party Chat on XBL

Another rant about you mofos who love going into these ranked games in party chats. You guys are like kids at the dinner table who just sit and look at your smart phone the whole time. Its like y’all aren’t even there. We’re supposed to be a team, a cohesive unit. We can only win these games if we do it together. Y’all just dgaf tho. I’ll admit it. I can’t even make friends on XBL anymore. I know the same dudes since Halo 3, real talk. And most of them gave up on this after Reach. I’m the last nerd standing and I can’t even get a team together because the H5 community is the most laconic uncooperative group of folks.
My friends that don’t really play too much always want to do this too. EVERY time we search, even if not parties of 4, we go into party chat cuz they act like the rest of the world is just a Trump Rally that is just too stupid to put up with. I play solo queue a lot and I just get so bored. Party Chats, I hate them. (But you guys who just search without a mic in at all are just oddities I won’t even contemplate). Back in H3 I remember in solo queue we would single out a dude with no mic and sing the Glade commercial song to them, “plug it in, plug it in” because it was annoying to see a fool without his headset. Now, meeting another microphone is like finding another survivor in a nuclear -Yoink!-, i’m just so happy to find another human being.
WTF y’all.

Too many y’alls 7.2323/10 -IGN

(To be honest I can’t really understand what the main post is about.)

Yea the thing is when I try to talk to teammates, they don’t respond. THEY HAVE MICS FOR GOODNESS SAKES! Its ridiculous. (Caps)