Party bus chivo no working?

I think im doing it right. 2x as driver with 3 passangers with the warthog ridgeback. And once as a passenger. Am i understanding the achievement right?

Having the same issue now. Just checked a few places to see if it is glitched but no one says it is or isn’t.

Did you honk the horn?

U need to be the driver and people need to get in after u honk the horn.

I did. Playing with two friends and we picked up someone later. So not sure if they got to get in all at the same time.

I think all your teammates need to get in while the message “razorback (seats available)” is still shown on the left of your screen.

You need to honk the horn and hold the button down until it announces in the player feed that you’re looking for players, then once you load up, drive forward like 10 feet and it should pop.

Enter Razorback driving seat and honk horn for couple of seconds (vehicle must be empty when you do that)
Get 3 other people to hop in, drive away and achievement will pop.

It’s only person in driver seat that will get the achievement.

Hope that helps

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