Partner, partner?

Well, I’m fairly good, but it seems my friend, one of my best mate’s, just isn’t. I know this’ll sound mean and “sad” I suppose, but idc. If anyone wants to play with me…hehe…Just message me and I’ll get back to you when my gold’s back. I play Cutter, Arby and Brute. Anders I’m working on, and Forge is too boring. I think we all know about Prophet =D

Please be an able player too. I sound really cocky while typing this but meh, I don’t really wanna lose all the time. Teammate builds 3 spartan’d grizzlies so unless we make it to 10-11 minute mark without being attacked we lose, and then if the enemy builds…anything, we lose anyway.

I’d like to play as Covy - UNSC, e.g I play one, you play the other, but I’m also looking for fun games where we go something stupid, e.g Double elephant/marine rush, just to annoy the lovely community <3 I live in the UK and can be on anywhere from 4pm-10pm weekdays, and 10am-8-am (=P) On weekends. I’m a good laugh and really relaxed, until a 9000+ loss streak occurs =( Have a mic, have time and have a little skill =) Bye