fed up of being put against full parties in chat, if they can’t win by going alone at least match them against other parties. I’m sure the lone wolves like me prefer the randomness of skill playing with a mixture of people

I sometimes play with all my friends and we chill in party chat.Mainly so we don’t have to hear kids shouting racial slurs at us.

It’s not that we can’t win going alone,it’s just more fun to play with your friends.We mainly just talk about crap not game related,we’re not plotting against the other team.We’re just playing and talking about random crap.

I think you may be over-thinking it when you come across a team in party chat.

Oh, look. Someone is even whining about how something has to be done to nerf friends playing together in Halo.

You know, 343i isn’t the one who is making a problem out of Halo. It is the fans who are overly critical and absolutely whiney about everything under the sun.

Playing with friends so easily is one of the valuable strengths of the Halo franchise. If they remove it there goes part of the soul of the Halo games.

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