parties on same team?

Hi is there any word on addressing parties not being split up? Kind of a big deal.

I’m still having this problem. It needs to be addressed in the next patch.

Yeah we’ll go in as a team of 4 and it will throw one of our guys on the other team for 3 v 3 very often. Any word 343?

I had this problem in the first three weeks after release, but they fixed it, although I have only been playing in parties of three. To be honest I dont know if it works with a party of four or more :S

Hmm it’s been a couple days and no answer. It seriously does this with our party of 4 more than half the time. If it’s something that can’t be fixed let me know please.

Wow nothing. Amazing. Problem is when it finds six players it starts the game moving one of our 4 to the other team.

Yeah, that is the problem. At the moment it seems to find 7 players instead of 8 and then get rid of one instead of finding another or just finding 8 in the first place. I play in a group of three so it’s actually been kind of awesome for me but it is something they need to fix, especially for parties of four.

I’m also still getting the odd game that sets up as a 3v3 with 6 players but then has 4 on one team and 2 on the other.

I had a similar problem last night with our party of three but was still got broken up even though the sides were 4 on 4. Not sure how that happen.