Partial Periodic Campaign Progress and Data Reset

I have spent quite some time online trying to find a solution but everyone seems to be finding a dead end, so i decided to give myself a try.
The problem is as follows:

Quick Note: I have the Ultimate Edition (Physical Version) but i also bought seperately the AtN DLC, thus i have the whole package and my console is the XBOX ONE S.

Approximately, every week, when i open Halo Wars 2 after data sync, the game always does the same following goof. It does a partial reset of data where it shows (with an exclamation mark (!) as well), that i have not done the Campaign, nor that i own the AtN DLC.

Furthermore when i get into the details of the campaign the problem is always the same.
-Theater is missing 2 cutscenes from the original campaign
-Original Campaign has saved all the progress of data logs, time, achievements (even though in Theater it would point i wouldn’t have completed it)
-Game Saves/Loads are deleted
-Spearbreaker Campaign is reseted (logs, missions etc), except for the completion time and difficulty
-AtN Campaign is reseted likewise (logs, missions etc), except again for the completion time and difficulty

I have made a few inquires and it seems the problem is the same for others when it happens. If something appears to not be normal i just do a normal reset and it comes back to life, but the deed is done by then and the data is already gone back to that disappearing state. I have also noticed something weird, i attempted for a month and a half to just about two months to do the “Complete a weekly assignment for a month” achievement and i seemed to never get it which then i assumed also has to do with the whole disappearing act. I am sorry if I caused too much trouble and the solution was already somewhere out there and thank you in advance for any assistance.