Parisa Easter Egg In Halo MCC

I tought of this , wouldn’t it be cool if they did an easter egg of her in the level metropolis ? I loved the story in Halo :Evolutions " Palaca Hotel " . About Parisa.

Or what would be even more awesome is that they did this in an additional cutscene.
I doubt it but an easter egg would be nice and would be a nice thing to do after 343’s recent killing , particular characters of the expanded universe don’t you think ? Black Team and possibly team saber I know they did something terrible when they decided to do that but I find that this is a way of showing us wrong , that they DO care about the expanded universe characters and that they saw that they did something wrong.

It would also benifital to the Chief’s character they are trying to create . A more Humanfied Master Chief .

I Highly doubt that it will hapen , but I’m just putting it out there. To see if you guys think the same way about it .

I would love if 343 could find a way to include Parisa in the MCC

That would be awesome. There could definitely be a chance, seeing how Linda got an easter egg in CEA. :slight_smile:

This is the best idea ever. Of all time. However, I have to ask… Has anyone asked Catalog about Parisa yet? She could possibly already be dead.

About to ask now.