Parental Spartans

I’m looking for more people to have FUN with. Right now, there are about 2-5 of us that are online every night from about 8 until 11 p.m. EST. We like to play and have a good time in just about every playlist. While we are ‘mature’ enough to have kids, we don’t take each other too serious. KD’s hover around .85, so if that is offensive to you, move along. The key word = fun.

If this sounds like a group you would like to pal around with, send me an invite.

(aka, Ryan)

This is why I love Halo.

Sounds good to me my Gamertag is EvilBob7

Cool, I just sent you an invite EvilBob.

Anyone else interested?

Sent PM.

I’ll think about it

Found out today none of my friends r getting halo 4 so I won’t have n e 1 to play with so I’ll give you a message when I get my xbl gold back . What your GT