Par Scoring Not Registering

Aiming for the par scoring achievements for halo 3, I completed the second level “crows nest” with 34,000+ and it did not register. I thought maybe it glitched or what not, so I decided to give it another shot and it still is not registering at all saying that I did not complete the level or score. Anyone having the same problem?

Yeah I just did a par score run on Metropolis and I had 37,000+ points which if I recall is much more then the 25,000 needed and my achievement will not unlock. I’m starting to think that 343 has abandoned trying to fix MCC because of the Halo 5 beta coming out shortly.

Wow I just ran metropolis again with 27000+ points and no score stats are being tracked come on 343 I have beaten this twice now and you have failed to honor my progress. It’s awfully funny how you track my Halo 2 cairo station and outskirts progress but not Metropolis jsut blows my mind.