Par Scores Halo (CE,2,3,4)

I have beaten the new par score on the Arbiter and got the achievement, then I play the oracle and beat the par score 16,000 (my total 34,260) and didn’t get the achievement what’s the big deal 343?

are you going to create this kinda cycle where you get one par score achievement then follow-up by not giving the next level’s par score after “X” number of playthroughs where the par score is beaten each time. I can tell that I will not be enjoying this by any means.

I mean come on I’ve played “The Oracle mission” twice now and here are my results:

1st time: 34,260 points
2nd time: 39,156 points

Both scores are much higher then your new scoring level (16,000) so why are you withholding my achievement from me. Also I never use any of the cheating skulls during score runs so why do I get penalized by not getting my achievement, it doesn’t make any sense.

The only ones I used were Catch, Famine, Iron, Jacked, That’s Just…Wrong, and Thunderstorm* (used on 2nd playthrough)*

Why can’t you seem to fix campaign when it needs the most help right now.

I seem to like the new changes made to the par scoring it makes it more attainable for people. A great step in the right direction 343.

Come on 343 I have played Forerunner twice now and both times your servers are slow at everything it seems cause I have killed numerous enemies in that level and I get no achievement (Shadow of Sundered Star) and for your information I NEVER USED NON-SCORING SKULLS!!! I only used Iron, Catch, Famine and Tough Luck. Stop focusing on the beta so much and fix your broken servers.