Par score AotCR

Did anyone find the par score on Assault on the Control Room to be considerably more difficult than most? It wasn’t too difficult for Halo 2, 3, and 4. Even many missions in Halo CE. But AotCR was very difficult for me. The 15 minute par time was what made it difficult. Take too long, your score drops like a rock. You find yourself rushing to finish, and dying more. Rush through, you don’t have enough score (because you still won’t finish in 15 minutes). Do it on Normal, simply not enough score.

I finally managed it after an hour or two. I have the run down to a science now. Looking back on it, I feel quite accomplished. But I feel 343i could lower the par score just a bit, (for other people) unless I’m one of few who struggled. I’m aware “some achievements are supposed to be harder than others; not everyone is supposed to be able to obtain easily”, but par score/par time is not one of those. It definitely requires some planning, a bit of trial and error. But not what I experienced just now. That was exceedingly difficult.