Par anything makes no sense on here

Par time which should be an normal player playing the mission how it should be played with very little mistakes is how you find out par time. 343 says its the world record speedrun with 5% extra time added because that obviously makes sense. I just drove passed everything and ran passed everything i could going for the oni sword base achievement while having spot on aim for every fight i had to take part in and somehow couldnt get “par time”. Its like this on each game though because if you ever play the mission properly on any of these games, 343 says youre too slow and stupid to even be an average player.

What about par score? this is probably an even bigger joke since you need to speed run on a high difficulty and somehow kill everything because some average player in one of those secret closets in 343s building managed to play on normal with no skulls at a normal pace and could magically speedrun it, magically get the points for it being on legendary (or heroic with 4-8 skulls on) with a huge stack of crazy medals

Also just checked par time for the entire reach campaign lol, 2 and a half hours when the speed running achievement is 3 hours. hmmm, doesnt that seem a bit off

Yea I agree the par times and scores are way to difficult and it’s weird cause I’ll just casually play through the campaigns and I’ll sometimes get several par time and or score achievements and I’m just like”wait what how” but if I actually try to get them I can’t its weird and makes no sense lol

You can do the par time achievements on Normal mode - not too tough then.

I feel kinda bad now.
As much as I love the Halo franchise, I’ve never paid much attention to or considered competing for the Par times.

The par time and score achievements are not meant to be easy although score is easier to get imo. I got most of the score achievements while doing the LASO playlist but of course most people will not do it that way, the Heroic with certain skulls on while making good time is the best way. It’s not meant to be easy that’s why it’s an achievement.

As for par times they are all very doable if you play on easy difficulty because you can more or less run past everything, but sometimes you have to learn speedrun tricks to make it. Using your example the par for ONI is 10 minutes because for par time you’re pretty much supposed to skip everyone at the two side objectives, press the buttons and move on. My time on Legendary was 12:22 (and I know I can improve it) so certainly 10:00 is doable on easy.

For your final point, it’s not do the campaign in 3 hours on legendary it’s do it under 3 hours. So if you got all the par times on Legendary you’d be fine, but for some missions such as Solace this is very hard, so that extra half hour is there so you can allot more time to those tougher missions. Halo 2 is the only campaign where the par times add to more than 3 hours because there are so many missions.

I think you should just continue to practice and don’t feel like you have to kill everyone or do everything, plenty of things can be outright ignored. Wait for Halo Completionist’s videos if you like, they are almost always practical and helped me a lot for the other speedrun achievements. Remember you don’t need world record pace, just world record strategy.

I disagree. Par time is a specific thing that’s quite difficult to do and are usually created by doing some formula on the devs best times. It’s been that way since 1993. The first par times were set by John Romero and he came up with the times by running through the level as fast as he could, rounding it, then adding 30 seconds. e1m1 par time is easy, e1m2 is not.

I can only really attest to CE, but the par times seem fine to me. I beat them all very easily. Hell, I’ve even beaten AOTCR’s par time without doing the bridge drop, so it’s pretty forgiving.

I am unlocking all the scores just by playing the game on legendary without doing any speed running strats. Looking at the times it does not look that bad either considering that you can just put it on easy and just run past everything.

Par scores aren’t too tough. Pop the game on Heroic and throw a couple skulls on and it becomes an absolute cakewalk. Each game has at least a couple skulls that don’t really make the game too much harder but will still give you noticeable score multipliers.

For example, on CE turn the Famine, Malfunction, Iron and Fog skulls on and you have a version of CE that doesn’t change much from normal CE despite you having a bigger base multiplier on Heroic difficulty than Legendary without any skulls. That combined with being able to blast through levels faster on Heroic vs. Legendary leads to bigger time multipliers, and then boom, par score achieved!

On Halo 2 I recommend some combination of Ghost, Famine, Catch and Iron

Halo 3 is still fairly straightforward with Iron, Tough Luck, Catch and Fog on

Halo 3 ODST works well with Iron, Catch, Famine and either Mythic or Thunderstorm, your choice (or take neither, I don’t judge)

Halo 4 is easy with Famine, Catch, Iron and Cloud

I’m sure you noticed a theme with the choices, lol

I do think calling them /Par/ was silly as Par implies a standard goal to aim for, not a somewhat exceptional goal that many might struggle with. But its not that big of a deal.

While I haven’t downloaded Reach for MCC if j remember correctly all the par times and scores for the other games were just a they were back in the day… I don’t think they would change the requirements for reach, it should be the way it was back in the day. They can be a challenge but usually aren’t controller throwing tough.

Here’s a tip for Oni: Sword Base - you don’t actually have to eliminate all enemies most of the times it tells you to do that. There are only a couple times you actually have to.

At the very start of the mission, you do have to kill all the enemies in order for the big blast door by the target locator to open. The next two areas where you have to press buttons do not actually require you to eliminate all enemies despite that popping up as your current objective. Just press the required button(s) and then move on. Once you get into the parking garage area, you do have to kill the two hunters in order for the elevator to open. But, then you can run straight through to the end of the level. Once there, unload rockets on all of the flying vehicles and the two elites that get dropped off in order to end the mission.

Overall disagree

Current world record Legendary run times
Reach 1:30:13
CE 1:10:21
2 1:27:38
3 1:14:06
Odst 1:16:23
4 1:21:55

Sort of 26 seconds for Reach, you literally have double or more time for speed running, not 5% as you say. And these are the legendary records. You can do the par times on easy if you wanted, almost not 5% from speed running status.

So, no, the par times and the 3 hour run seem very doable. And while you technically have less wiggle room for Reaches legendary speed run, so far its literally been the easiest for me. I have only 2 left to do, New Alexandria(the banshee skip/highjacking in mid air i just need to practice) and pillar of autum(i just haven’t even attempted it yet), and thats with just a single afternoon(maybe 4 or 5 hours) and an hour this morning. Ive spend entire weekends or in some cases with halo 2, a week on a single level for the 3 hour run. The par times, literally pop it on easy and its a piece if cake mostly(AotCR gave me -Yoink- even on easy damn grenade jump!)

As for par score, all i did was start the level on heroic, no skulls, and just focused on not dying once and get multikills. The spree bonus alone got me the par scores. Only 2 or 3 short levels did i even add skulls. And i didnt have to worry about the time bonus most of the timex again just from the killing sprees. And no speed running. Better off getting a huge spree with no time bonus than a high time bonus with hardly any point imo

Overall, just basic practice and you should eventually get it. Just practice basic speed run skips for par time, take your time for the par score, and patience/practice 3 hour run.

I’ve beaten the par on every mission with lots of time to spare? The game has been out for years, all it takes is a quick google to see how to run the mission or use the logic that not everything needs to be killed and you can do it easily.

I actually made a short series about speedrunning CE aimed at people with absolutely no speedrunning experience.

343 Guilty Spark:
The Silent Cartographer:
Pillar of Autumn:
The Library: