Paper Castle

Paper’s Castle is a rotation-ally symmetrical map that supports all gametypes except Invasion and 3-plot. This map “does” support race.

The map is supposed to mirror that of a castle courtyard, or just any part of some inner walled structure. There are two opposing bases, each housing a sniper with a spare clip and a ghost.

The map is on forge world in the quarry and has fantacular lighting atmosphere and space, the lines of sight are just right and tight corners provide good cover.

Here is a rendered fly-through of Paper’s Castle.

Rocket Launcher 1 spare clip. 180 Respawn
2 Sniper’s 1 spare clip 180 Respawn
4 Needle Rifle at default
6 Dmr at default
2 Needlers at default
2 Plasma Pistols
2 Plasma Repeaters
2 Grenade launcher 5 spare clips 120 Respawn

2 Ghosts at 3 minute Respawn.

Downloaded. I’m quite curious as to how this will play. It looks like quite a nice small-team map. Kind of reminds me of The Pit in a weird way.

The ramps and angles probably remind you have the pit.