Panshee -- Recruiting

Do you love Grunts and Halo? Then Panshee is perfect for you! We are a Spartan company that likes to have fun in modes such as Warzone, Arena, Custom Games, Campaign – and even achievement hunting. We accept casual and competitive players, yet encourage good sportsmanship.We are an Unggoy (Grunt) Tribe, and want to play Halo with other players who share our passion for both Halo and Grunts.If you would like to join, please either message our leaders (razzula, MrCrazyKiwi) or send a request.Thanks fellow Grunts!

We mainly play;

  • Halo 5 - Halo: MCC - Halo: ReachHigher Ranks are available for a short time until more members join.

  • razzula**, Kwassass**
    Leader of Panshee