Paintball Anyone?

I was hoping to get the Plasma Pistol commendation, but this is taking forever! I figure it’ll take 200-300 games to finish, but the real problem is that it NEVER comes up! An hour of constantly entering/exiting lobbies and I may only get one chance to even vote for it.

If you are willing to give Paintball a go, let me know.

So, Paintball is still on Action Sack ?

I have only 350 kills with pp left, and it would be nice to play with you.

I’d be glad to help you! I play with a group of friends who love to play the Paint Ball game-type. I’ve already managed to master the Plasma Pistol; it was not an easy challenge.

Also, we have custom games game-nights, every Friday and Saturday (from 10:00pm-4:00am, Central Time). We download, test, tweak, and play community-made custom games. I invite you, and anyone else interested, in joining us having a good time; we are a group of people simply looking for a good time. There are no requirements or restrictions, in order to play with us. Send me a friend request, if you are interested!

Thanks guys - lifetaculars kept getting in the way of gaming! I’ll be on shortly and add you then.

added you both - thanks. I’m probably going to be hanging out in DLC, but will circle back once it ages out.