Paint.NET Halo Title attempt

Hey guys, i’ve been experimenting with Paint.NET, and i’ve just finished this new title/logo for my animated Halo machinima. (similar to Halo legends)

And i thought the best place to get some opinions would be the Halo Waypoint forums.

Uploaded with

I do realise the text is slightly bright but i can change that.

Like i said, any opinions are appreciated.

T’is quite amazing. The only thing that is off putting is the ‘R’ in ‘Reveille’.

I think change the texture on the writing.

I think the spacing in the word HALO is wrong. The letters are too far apart. Nice job overall.

Kerning with HALO is too much. Reveille in the same typeface and near the same size kinda throws it off a little. Having the Spartan in the background is a nice touch, but the Armor and title are competing for space. UNSC emblem on the right unbalances the picture by becoming more content heavy on the right side instead of creating a balance. Your title also looks like it is low-res and grainy compared to the spartan and UNSC background.

Some initial typography clean-up will greatly benefit your title that is coming along nicely.