Paid for Requisition packs but didn't get them

I bought the £7,13 Requisition pack deal in the store, have waited a few hours now and haven’t received them at all.
I have the receipts in my email, my money has been taken out of my bank account but I’ve not received the product I paid for.

I have turned my Xbox on and off multiple times, leaving it to off for a little while, along with a hard reset like I read online on the forums.

Unfortunately nothing seems to be working and 343 industries doesn’t have a customer support number or a contact us email at all, (which I find super cheap of them to do by the way) so I’m having to type out this failed transaction here.

Please either refund me the money I paid, or fix the issue. Would rather get the refund instead now as I feel stolen from, but either or I guess.

Looks like there may be some issues with the REQ system at the moment, 343 are aware and are looking into them

Edit: Potentially this was also related to some issues on Xbox’s end with purchased content, they say that should be resolved now