"Paid Events" might be a possibility

As the topic title says, “paid events” might be a future possibility. Dataminers found some stuff relating to “event tickets” that have “prices”. It’s possible that this won’t happen, but this is proof that 343 is at least exploring it as an idea. And the fact that they are exploring this as an idea worth pursuing is alarming. It suggests that they are even more out of touch with the community and the state of the game than we previously thought.

Here’s a video that goes over this better than I can:

343, this isn’t a good move. It will likely be the last nail in the coffin for the few people still sticking around. For the sake of this franchise and your company, do not do it.


Many F2P games do paid events. I generally don’t see it wrong. The only wrong is doing it in the position Halo Infinite is currently in. It wouldn’t be the right time.

Though even if they do, do it at a better time, having a full event behind a paywall would be stupid. Usually what happens is just unlocking a more drastic amount of content for the event to work towards.


I’ve never heard of paid events. The closest thing I’ve seen to that is events that are tied to battlepasses


Games like Destiny always has a dungeon to pay for, they been doing that for a while. Other things like League always has a partial paid pass for events.

But the whole idea is to not make the whole event experience paid for, but the get the most out of the rewards from the payment.


You mean you if this was the case, but it’s not.

In spite of 343 actions Microsoft plays their role in all this with the vary poor direction infinite has headed. So no matter how much anyone or how many plead this is the direction infinite is headed, and just like when Activision left Bungie things got a lot worse with how the game was designed and the direction it headed and things have continued to get worse over time as it will with infinite.

Gaming isn’t gaming anymore that it has become all about manipulation, how can they get players to pay more for less. The sad thing is, players these days settle for less and infinite is a prime example of that. These gaming companies with their live service, shops, season passes, paid events, etc… are making a good profit, but some like Bungie and especially 343 at this point have barely offered anything in return.

This “less is better” BS has hurt gaming, and a lot of players have literally been conditioned to believe this BS and it’s a huge part of the reason business like 343 will continue to head in this vary poor direction.


Nothings really official, yet.

The source of this news came from one of the many Halo leakers so take this with a grain of salt. It COULD happen but then again it could not.

We’ll just have to wait and see.


Yea okay. That’s pretty cringe imo. I get it, it’s pretty smart from a business perspective, but personally it comes off as ratty. That’s just what the entire industry feels like to me these days. Been feeling like that for the past 5ish years

Honestly… To the exclusive benefit of the company. Event Passes usually suck, and offer very little that’s worthwhile for their cost. Especially in Halo Infinite, both Fractures, Alpha Pack and whatever the first wolf one was, have been some of the worst events in either a Free to Play game or Pay to Play game.

Let me put it like this - if the Halo Infinite microtransactions have failed that hard that they need to do something like Paid Events, that isn’t going to save the financial future of Halo Infinite. 343 management apparently never learned that a solid base product needs to be created before you start monetizing it.


I’ve seen this in mobile gaming. I agree, it is not a good idea. I don’t want to have to pay just to participate.


they want to become a legitimate early 1900s monopoly

If the events are like the previous ones they released I wouldnt pay a dime… They are so horrible… I barely played when it was “free”.


Players leaving might be the reality.


Another problem as well right now the content in Halo Infinite is dry, the events we have now are Borong… So the community wants more content more to keep them coming back.

So if 343 comes out and says hey guys we have alot of new content coming but here’s the catch it’s behind another paywall.

To be honest I think Halo Infinite was just a cash grab. They striped away like 80% of the OG standard content from other titles and are drip feeding it back to extend the time they can cash grab players.


It may be needed but honestly I don’t think Microsoft or 343 would see it as a lost or learn from it. Simply re adjust their tactics to try and monetize in some other ways. Probably work on a new game give us the usually we learned from our mistakes BS and than slight of hand the fan base again


Paying to play some desync BS… yeah, for sure. :smiley:

Currently the “Solstice” event in D2 has a premium ticket that has some bonus cosmetics, but it doesn’t pay gate the base event.

If they kept events the way they are unchanged, and added an optional pay layer on top I wouldn’t have a problem with it.

Hmmm paid events… I am not exactly against it as they would be completely optional. The only way I would pay to participate in an event is if there was a good tangible reward for for participating… And something way better than the weekly cosmetics that you can get for free already.

Yeah but overall limit business can’t pass to reduce player counts would be to not make content behind a paywall. Making sure the system is good enough to play and have fun without paying for anything.

Thats where Infinite falls at, as their system is trash already at the moment.


Could be in-person events too, like HCS.

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Don’t really think this is the place to discuss rumors and leaks, especially ones with no evidence to support them.