pac-man map

Specs on game and map:

  • one survivor at the beginning - 4 Zombies at the beginning - no ammo in the weapon you spawn with - you can only kill the infected with power weapons that you find on the map - the power weapons will only have one clip - power weapons will not spawn in again once picked up - each zombie will spawn in in the little box in the center every time - 10 minute time limit in each round - no last man standing mark for “pac-man” - there will be teleporters on each side of the map that will teleport you to the other side (Zombies can go through) - the “pac-man” has three lives once all lives are spent the round will end - there will random spawns of the “pac-man” once he or she diesMessage me your opinions, ideas, and questions that you have. Angrylepurechan

i think i have given up this idea

nope never mind