p2p Connection...

I hate this system with a burning passion. I know it has been used for years in the Halo franchise, but lets be honest here it’s a terrible idea. About 60% of the games I join there is always a host migration, or for that one kill you’re trying to get your ping goes from 75ms to 1s. I would have thought if 343 was really going to show off Halo 4 you would have implemented dedicated servers. No matter how good the net code is a ping can change really fast. It could be due to bandwidth or international problems. I know it’s to late to implement dedicated servers, but just a thought for the next Halo? I really love what I’ve seen from 343 and really look forward to seeing more from them.

That is all.

I’d love dedi servers. It minimizes lag in BF3, and makes sure nobody has host advantage. Everyone is on an even slate, 'cept for skill.

Reach’s netcode was pretty good and I’m sure 343i has an improved one in Halo 4. Plus dedicated servers are almost required in BF or CoD because of there projectile systems for guns (I hate how soooooooooooo many shots in CoD don’t register) Halo uses hitscan which is much more accurate on P2P. Maybe we will get Ded. Servers for the next installments but its not a big issue for Halo 4.

He thinks dedi servers will make everything better. Hahahahha.

Look at what happened in BF3. Theres your dedi servers. Get your credit card out again kid.

You dont even know what they are. All it means that whoever is closest to a microsoft datacenter gets advantage, instead of whoever is closest to some kid with host. Wow big improvement guys…

Its also a righteous FU to the entire rest of the world that isnt America.