P. Alpha Code registered to different console

After reading through many forums, my frustration was slightly relieved when i saw many people experiencing similar problems.

But i havent quite found the answer to my particular problem.

I have played since release, got the code via a microsoft email, and was able to redeem it through my laptop.

I hopped onto my xbox to see if it downloaded, and i was sad to see it had not. No new specs for me to unlock. so i went to my dashboard, into my account, and into my download history. The priority alpha was there, but when i tried to re-download it, it gave me error saying something along the lines of “the code had been registered to a different console”

Any suggestions as to what i should do??

See if you can do a Lisence transfer on the xboxwebsite

Going ot go and try that now :smiley: thanks!

You can also lic. transfer on your xbox too.