Owning two Halo 4s, spanish and english(help)


I own a PAL ESP(Spanish) Halo 4 copy since game release and I’m now going to purchase a PAL UK(English) copy. The are two reasons behind this. The reason that drew me here is my doubt about how to change and maintain both languages on the multiplayer.

I’m going to upload Halo 4 media for my clan and I need it to be with english audio, however I’ll like to preserve the spanish audio too, so here is my doubt:

After installing the second DVD that contains the multiplayer while keeping the current one, will I simply be available to enjoy both languages on audio with simply changing my console language setting? Is there any chance that the two installations cannot be on the same hard drive?

In short, I’ll like to know if I’ll available to enjoy both audios on the same time or if I’ll have to chose a permanent one(English).

Also, is there any risk of losing any multiplayer content for uninstalling the ESP multiplayer copy and installing the UK copy?

Thank you very much.

(The other reason behind this purchase is the awful spanish campaign voice over, no coordination with the lips many times, two different voices for the Master Chief… I’m still surprise how that come out).