Overwhelming Negativity

Okay, something I’ve noticed with the last two Halo games that were launched and the people that come here. Why is it that people need to spend so much time finding things wrong with the games then post about it but offer no suggested solution? I hope some of you people realize that you drain the fun out of your own experience when you do things like that. I’m just curious where this behavior comes from? Oh, and what is with the lack of research?

To be fair, it’s not up to us to come up with the solutions. It’s up to the devs. And,

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> Pointing out flaws with the game is not toxic. Look at it this way. Some people can speak their mind, in an intelligent an educated fashion. Some cannot, at least on the internet. There’s a difference between someone saying “Halo 5 sucks” and “Halo 5 has a problem with X and here’s why”, yes, but overall the point is the same. Why does person A think Halo 5 sucks? Probably for the same reasons person B would say, but they just don’t have the mental capacity or online expertise to convey it properly.
> You cannot deny there are problems with this game. If you do, you’re hurting the franchise instead of helping by not critiquing the product and giving 343 something to consider when making improvements, either for this game, or the next.
> For example, custom game options. We literally have none. No Oddball, no King of the Hill, no Infection. These became the staple of Halo multiplayer, aside from the biggest gametype being Slayer. If we all just said “Game is good 343 good job” and didn’t point out “Hey 343, we really would like our custom games back, they were fun”, Halo 6 could end up being just Slayer and nothing else. The game needs variety to keep it from getting stale. That means more objectives. All we’d be asking is to include some gametypes already established in Halo, not make more. That’s only one issue, out of many. By pointing these out for 343 to see (and multiple topics by multiple people on the same subject is annoying for the average forumgoer to see, but sort of important to show the developers how much this certain thing being posted about multiple times is a problem), we can help improve the game for the better. There is no downside to having classic gametypes return. But people take this sort of stuff has blind hate, when it’s not.
> Think of it this way, we all love Halo. We want to see it thrive and continue. We want to help improve it by pointing out fatal flaws. That’s not being a hater. That’s being more supportive than the people that just say “This game is perfect” when it’s not. No game is. Everything has room for improvement. Some people just point it out in a more…hostile way. It’s all with good intentions, of course, but the way they explain themselves or their dislike towards something comes off as ‘hate’, when it’s not.
> Food for thought.

It’s just general discontent and probably a genuine interest in seeing an improvement or at least being heard.

The Halo franchise is very dear to many of us and we hate to see it get dragged through this “modernization” that’s being forced upon it.
As for the research comment, some things should be treated as a given. For instance, a lot of threads have been popping up where people are surprised to see that split screen is gone. Replies are often along the lines of, “you should have done your research” or “it was announced months ago”. However, someone who has been with this series for a long time shouldn’t have to research whether or not split screen will be in the game. Split screen should be a given with this series. You can’t expect the average person to have the foresight to suspect that such an established part of the franchise might disappear this time around. The decision to remove it was a bad one. Telling someone they should have researched whether or not it was present would be like telling a Star Wars fan that they should research whether or not the new movie will contain lightsabers. They shouldn’t have to research that because it should be a given that it will be there.