Overwhelming :D

I still can’t fathom how excited I am to see the flood make an appearance in the game. I was always a admirer to see gore an mutated graphics in any game but to see it well known now is something else. I still wish it was part of the bigger picture though I loved that feel you could get from playing halo combat evolved in the mission Library was something terrifying an the obnoxious noises they make could make you wanna play the game with the lights on :smiley: I can’t wait till 343 has maps bases soly on the purpose of being dark for the multiplayer. Not official maps but created for that purpose I can’t wait to see the barricades an dark feel the artist add.


ohh I know right its gonna add that feel I know exactly what you mean. I was thinking the about it aswell when they mentioned it.

I know right, thats crazy :smiley: Can’t wait. I wish it was in the story aswell :confused:

> Cool?

Nice constructive post there, child.

Anyway, OP, I totally feel ya! I really hope they do make some maps that are designed for flood zombies or add some forge effects to add the the ambiance of infection mode! I cannot WAIT for H4!

hahaha I know right

Wow thats soo true. I feel ya