Overtime Weapon Tuning: My opinion.

The Overtime update was released just over two days ago. And with it came perhaps the biggest change in Halo 5’s history thus far. Over 15 weapons, grenades and powerups were tuned to perform better in Halo 5’s sandbox. And so, I’m here to share my rather invalid opinion. Let’s get into it.
Assault Rifle: I personally don’t mind the changes made to the Assault Rifle. The rectile is a minor annoyance, but definately not game changeing. Overall it’s pretty good. However, it must be said that without shields, this thing is incredible overpowered. It only takes around 5 rounds to kill a Spartan without shields. I don’t particularly know what 343i had in mind, but it’s not the worst thing to possibly happen.
DMR: I haven’t had much use of the DMR. In many situations I would rather use a BR or my trusty Magnum. And, well, I still would. I don’t know how to describe the changes to the DMR, but it is certainly worse a close range by far and better a longer range. Still, not game breaking, and I wouldn’t really use the DMR anyway, so to me the changes have a small effect, but a noticeably worse one.
Battle Rifle: Yep. The biggest change in Halo 5’s Weapon Tuning Update was the Battle Rifle by miles. Honestly, It doesn’t deserve the hat it has recived thus far. It is still a fairly useable weapon. But, in almost every situation the old BR prevailed in, the new one fails. The old Br was effective at alm0st any range, so I understand why 343i would wont to nerf it. But now, it is barely effective at all. In close range, it will often lose to Magnums and ARs. In medium range, it will be demolished by LightRifles and most Precision weapons. And at long range, it will be devoured by DMR’s. It is then, best described as useless.
Railgun: Not really a big change here. The railgun now takes around 0.5 seconds longer to charge, but to make up for the added delay, it has similar characteristics a a Arclight in the sense the charge can be held for 1-2 seconds. It’s worse, but only slightly.
Frag Grenade: Again a minor change, but one that is so noticeably worse. The frag grenade is much like the new BR. In any situation in which the prior Frag Nade excelled, the new one does not. It barely does damage any more. It will only just drain a Spartan’s shields and is now utterly underpowered.

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