Overtime Commendations Question

Quick question about the new commendations added in the Overtime update. Do kills with all variants of the respective weapons/vehicles count towards the commendations or is it kills with only the base forms of these weapons? I’m asking because a couple games ago, I got a triple kill with the corpsemaker hammer and later in the same match one kill with the standard gravity hammer, and only saw an increase of one kill in the hammer commendation. Is the hammer commendation bugged or can I only use the basic variants across the board?

Others have complained about this issue. I think you do have to kill someone with the base version of the Gravity Hammer / Brute Plasma Rifle in order to count towards the commendation.

Same happened to me with the plasma rifle… I used the level 3 tier weapon (Scale of ^&%&%&) and didn’t get credit for it. I played griffball and got a bunch of hammer kills.