Overshield Or Invisibility?

I’ve been playing doubles lately, and in some maps is the option to start running for the overshield or invisibility, I usually choose overshield, what power up do you prefer?

I don’t play doubles, or really that much lately, but I’d go invisibility. If you use it smartly its a great psychological tool. Overshield can get melted with numerous weapons, or even a single back smack ends it. Of course Overshield, when used properly can be devastating, but I just personally find invisibility more effective.

I’m 50/50 honestly. Really hard to choose.

For me, invisibility because I can sneak up on more than one enemy and get assassinations. The overshield is essentially only one guaranteed kill for me whereas I can get more with camo.

Camo is always a go-to for me in Doubles on maps that also feature the Overshield. Having your Doubles partner distract the enemy while you sneak up behind the Overshield player for the back smack is a strat that works for me most of the time.

Overshield - it’s like “I am a tank, bring it on!!”

Generally, I’d prefer invisibility because it gives you free reign to move around the map and you don’t need an overshield when you’re back smacking someone who doesn’t see you.

I play quite a bit of Doubles with a buddy, and we learned that we can take advantage of more plays when we double up on Camo. Unless someone is sitting inches away from their 4k monitor/tv, then it’s damn scary for someone to wander around the map knowing the opponent has camo (regardless if you have OS).

Active camo.

Probably overshield.

Active camo not a fan of tbqh

I prefer the invisibility, I just like sneaking around when I have it activated.

I rather go with invisibility, play your cards right and it will just haunt the enemy down.

Well if you get call you can easily take down the person with overahields if you play right and you can back smack him

Inivisibility.Overshield is too fragile in most cases.

Have to go with overshield, brute force is the way to go.

I would have to say Over-shield. the active cammo is great but usually the people in doubles stick together so if you even get a kill on one your screwed by the other. they just seem to see you even when your really sneaky and over shield is just op on doubles.

Active Camo: The majority of the time if you aren’t running you won’t be seen. People with Overshield tend to be distracted easily since they have a damage resistance advantage… except for anytime they get melee’d in the back by Active Camo.

My logic goes like this:

  • Within the HCS environment and on maps with both power-ups I’d choose to pursue the Active Camo because it’s incredibly powerful, I’d argue more powerful than the Overshield, thanks to the Abilities Tracker allowing you to freely maneuver without being easily detected.
  • In regular modes and on maps with both power-ups that don’t feature a plasma weapon(s), specifically the plasma pistol, – I’m not actually sure if there’s a map like this – I would choose the Overshield because of how difficult it is for the opposing force to deal with you.
  • In regular modes and on maps with both power-ups that do feature a plasma weapon(s) I’d base my decision mostly on which of the two power-ups I spawned in closer proximity to because obtaining it before the other team can is all that matters to me at that point; plus, then I like to go after the plasma weapon(s) to either assist my team with confronting an Overshield or to protect myself or my teammate from the opposition using it/them against us if we have the Overshield.

Camo usually, OverShield can be easy to take down if you and your partner focus on it.

Get gud and choose both