overgrowth is broken

By rhat, I don’t mean the map is poorly designed, but the choice of weapons for this map is poor. The tight corridors with few large lines of sight make for interesting gunplay, but the Shotgun, active camo, and in particular the sword break this map down into run and gun. The lack of sight lines allows players to run around with little threat, and charge into people who are often trapped in one of the maps corners. In addition, the spawns are absolute trash, and in a 1v4 game, I kept spawning at the same two spots. The Shotgun and active camo easily dominate the maps close quarters, and without grenades there’s only so much you can do to someone hiding around the corner. Finally, the sword breaks this map, completely. Whoever gets the sword wins, especially if they get the Shotgun too. With few Kong sight lines, a sword wielder can charge around the map and kill people who are barely able to get a shot in before the energy sword cuts right through them. I’ve been in games where I’ll be on the side of the map opposite my team, and I’ll see the kill feed line up with sword kills for the other team. By the time I look across the map and see three red x’s, there’s little I can do but hope I’m not next. This map has one of the most interesting designs in my opinion, and I would love to play it withou the Shotgun and sword out of the picture at least, but currently, I can’t stand it.