overall how did 343 did with halo 4

how would you rate 343 done with halo 4 or do you think bungie would had done better

6 out of 10 for me, could have been amazing, but ended up being too generic.

i dont think you can betray your team mates and i dont like when u join in the middle of a match other than that i love the game

some tweaks need to be made, but they did a good job with the core game play.

One of the things that bothers me is the fact when blowing up a banshee the debris just disappears. We all know that we always had to look up when one of those get shot because the debris could come and splatter you. Not anymore. The other day one exploded right on top of me and i looked up and saw i was gonna get splattered, but guess what? Right as i was about to get hit the debris disappeared!! It may be a little nit picky, but those are things that made this game great the randomness of it all. Not so much anymore…

343 did good. The multiplayer is great and really improved upon what Bungie set up in Reach. I still think Bungie could have delivered this if they had the chance, but that’s just sour grapes. My hat is off to 343.

The campaign was gorgeous and fun but I think they really dropped the ball with the story telling. It doesn’t jive with what was set up in Greg Bears Forerunner Trilogy (well, the first two books, anyway).