Overall Halo 4 was done right, minor flaws.

Here’s a brief list of things that have been done wrong, the list is quite short:

  1. Join in progress. I do not play Halo to join matches in progress, and if that was something I ever wanted to do there should be lists where I know it can/cannot happen. I remember reading something about improved netcode. Really? That’s a laugh.

  2. Kill cams. They’re rarely an accurate depiction of how I died and I don’t want to see that junk anymore. Nice effort however impractical and wasteful it may be.

  3. Just like previous Halo titles with mountains of customization options and Forge…Halo 4 is getting stale, boring, and repetitive faster than it should given the opportunity to prevent this from happening. Let’s see some utilization of the great features that have been built up and spit-shined over this series. Heaps of potential squandered, but it isn’t too late.

That is all. This game has so much going for it and so many things have been done right. A vast, vast majority of my experiences have been rock solid and with few minor tweaks this game would be near flawless.