Over the Top Censorship

Why can’t we have an option to turn on/off the language filter? If I wanna see people swear then that is my problem. Not only that but it censors the most INSANE things. I can’t even say “Oh wow what is your guys ping at mines 130.” 130 gets censored its whack.

Oddball is also annoying because when you pair seemingly random words with BALL or BALLS it gets censored.


whatever happen the term “turn it off At your own risk” what happen with that?

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I absolutely hate how you can’t say numbers, like wtaf is that about.


Everyone was afraid of us talking about 69 and 420 I think

I’m confused. I was sure I turned off “profanity” in the menu’s the other day.

Whatever happened to “user experience may vary in online play”.


Welcome to the era of emotions and exaggerations.


Most likely that you can’t post hidden hate speech codes, that nobody really knows. I even saw some video about that regarding license plates on German cars. They got some numbers declined by the authorities, then asked what they did wrong or what those numbers stood for.

They legit couldn’t even answer that. :joy:

http s://www.adl.org/hate-symbols
Perhaps you can find some numbers here you can’t post ingame, haven’t tried anything like that, and I am not really interested in chatting. This isn’t ICQ, IRC or whatever the zoomers use today.

Edit: Look at me I always thought “wp” stood for “well played”, the more you “know” I guess.

when did we get so flimsy? everything on there sounds like a troll