Over Shield, Speed Boost, Or Damage Boost

I personally prefer speed boost especially when I’m using my favorite weapon since Halo 1 the Shotgun.

I would have to say overshields. I would much rather have the double shields to escape whatever hellish onslaught of fire I’ll face next, than get my Damage Boost wasted by dying the second I try to kill someone.

While I do enjoy Speed Boost, it’s only really good to me if I have a CQC weapon.

Damage boost. Cant go wrong.

Don’t get me wrong I love damage boost but I do seem to die whenever I use it. As for Over Shield, That never works out for me.

Between the 3 choices of damage/speed boost and overshield, I would honestly have to make it a 2-way tie between damage boost and overshield as my personal favorites. I really wasn’t a big fan of the speed boost upgrade from the ordnance/map pickups. The only thing I actually liked from speed boost was for the enhanced speed reload, especially with ordnance weapons like the Forerunner Incineration cannon. The enhanced movement speed got me into more gun fights than what I felt comfortable with when I had speed boost equipped. Now with damage boost, 2-3 burst kills with the Battle rifle and 2-3 shot with the DMR, that made my day. Now overshield, I always find beneficial, the longer I stay alive the more I can benefit not only myself, but my teamates.

Do you get a reload speed reduction if you already have dexterity?

It always depends on the situation, keep an open mind!

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> I personally prefer speed boost especially when I’m using my favorite weapon since Halo 1 the Shotgun.

damage boost or speed boost

Mine has to be Overshield it has more use for me eg. i can take more damage whiteout having to worry too much on my shield strength. damage boost i find good if ur using a Sniper file, beam rifle or any other gun that u know how to aim well with. Speed boost great for avoiding fire and to go further with thruster pack.

Damage boost, in my opinion. A two shot BR is just too good to pass up

Quite honestly, I’m surprised by the amount of people who say D-Boost is the strongest powerup. Seems like using it is basically assisted suicide.

But that’s because I leverage all of attention to the glowing red guy one-shotting everything.

All depends on the map, what weapon and I’m using, and the play style of the enemy team.

If I have a shotgun, Scattershot or sword on a fairly small map or a map with tight corridors, then I usually go with the speed boost.

If I have a BR, SAW, AR, Sniper and the enemy team tends to split up on a map that is fairly open or has tight corridors, I’ll go for damage boost so I can pick off stragglers easier.

If I have a BR, SAW, AR, Rockets or Needler, and the enemy tends to group together more on a map that is fairly open or has tight corridors, I’ll go for Overshield.

I usually just get a feeling for what I should go for during the game and I head with that.

None of them. None of them as personal ordinances. Oh, wait, the game isn’t balanced… I guess I’ll choose one then…

If I had to, damage boost.
I would pick DB over an incineration cannon, while the cannon is a few guaranteed kills, DB had the potential to get many many kills, so yolo.

Can’t go wrong with damage boost.

Depend on the situation, really. In general though, over time I probably choose damage over speed over shield.

I feel most comfortable with Overshield, myself.

Can’t go wrong with classic Overshields

It depends on the sitation.
But most likely Dmg>Speed>Shield

I like the OverShield the most because it kind of gives an extra life.

Overshield for me.